Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween Lenticular Picture Frame

Halloween Lenticular Pictures has taken over! I see it everywhere now! Some of them have price tags out of my Halloween budget! So what did I do? Went to the Dollar Store and got one! :)
Spooky, huh?

I already had a frame that I got for $1{can you see the small price tag?} at Walmart!! The frame itself is really nice but I wanted to make it more colorful!  I got the picture at the Dollar Store and I already had orange glitter spray paint from my Glittered Halloween Plate project.
I spray painted the mat that came with the frame and  cut the picture. I assembled the frame and inserted the picture. Done! It only cost me $2!!!

The glitter orange color looks really good in contrast with the metal frame.

It also looks really nice with my Be Thankful print.



  1. I have seen those at the Dollar Store near me and almost picked up a few but then I was afraid they would bother my daughter so I didn't. I absolutely love how you reframed it...I just might be tempted to pick up one or two anyway just so I can do that too! LOL! Looks so awesomely creepy!

  2. I looked at the photos before I read anything and I thought that you were doing a "Picture of Dorian Gray" posting.

    Nice project!

  3. Hey Crissy! As usual, you take the unexpected and make it fabulous. I saw those at my Dollar Bill today, and passed, because the frame surrounding it was too cheap-o looking...

    Love it!

    Pinned to my Halloween board.

  4. I have 3 of these from the Dollar Store. I was planning on changing out the frame. Yours is just too cute to not take some inspiration from! Awesome job! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Happy Weekend!


  5. Great idea! Gotta love the dollar store huh?

  6. Love that glitter and the great price too! Never enough spooky sparkle! POP ART MINIS

  7. funny that looks just like my husband

  8. Very cool! I love how these turned out. I'll have to check my dollar store to see if they have some of those pictures. Thanks for a great idea!

  9. I love how your frame turned out. I was thinking about taking all of my lenticulars out of their cheap plastic frames and doing the same thing (except putting them all in my existing frames around my house to blend in with already existing photos! I'm your newest follower and I'd love if you joined us over at Sew Woodsy and share your awesome picture frame!

  10. I've always wanted the lenticular pictures for Halloween since I saw them hit the shelves a couple of years back but I hate the frames that surround them so I've never bought any. This year I got the bright idea to cut the frame off and reframe it with frames from the dollar store! Much better! I wish my Walmart would have sold a couple of nice frames for a dollar!!


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