Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Printable Xmas Party Package GIVEAWAY!!

Andressa from Twinkle Twinkle Little Party did an awesome job designing the printable for my Holly Jolly Holiday Party! She did exactly what I had in mind!! And guess what? She is giving away the same printable I used at my party to one lucky reader!!! YEAH!!!

Here are some ways I used the Holiday printable package to stylish my party!

I used the 3 1/2'" tags to dress up some lollipops - I bought my 3 1/2" craft punch at Hobby Lobby.

The buffet cards added a festive touch to the sweet table!

I am not a fan of having breakable dishes around children so I used the 2" hot cocoa tags to dress up the foam cups! Also the hot chocolate wasn't that hot! ;)

I mixed and match the printables! For some water bottles I used the 2" tags to dress them up!!

Simple and easy way to make your photo more festive!! Use the 3 1/2" tag as photo prop!

I also used the 31/2" tags to play: Who am I?" game! It was a hit!!

Would you like to have the chance to win a COMPLETE Printable Xmas Party Package just like the one from my party? If you would, this is what you have to do:

1) "Like" Twinkle Twinkle Little Party and Crissy's Craft on Facebook.

2) Leave a comment  under the  post A festive Holly Jolly Xmas party and a fun Giveaway” on Twinkle Twinkle Little Party site and let us know who you are and that you became a fan of TTLP and Crissy’s crafts;
* If you are already a fan of TTLP and Crissy’s crafts and would like to enter this giveaway, you need to get Twinkle Twinkle Little Party and Crissy’s crafts a new fan – Your friend also needs to leave the following message: “I was sent by my friend ______, who is already a fan of Twinkle Twinkle Little Party and Crissy’s crafts. If your friend is the winner, you also get your own package!
The COMPLETE Christmas party package includes a total of 9 PDF files (with instructions)
1) 2" tags you can use as cupcake toppers, party favors, gift tags - the possibilities are endless!
2) 3 1/2 " tags
3) 8x2 drink labels
4) 5x7 hot cocoa bar 
5)2" hot cocoa tags
6) drinking straw flags
7) blank buffet cards
8) Merry Christmas bunting
9) Standard Hershey's chocolate bar wrapper
We will pick a random number and the winner will be announced on Sunday, December, 18th  at 2:00 p.m Eastern Time.

NOTE: You have to leave a comment on Twinkle Twinkle Little Party blog  NOT here!

Good luck, everyone!
Cris and Andressa{Twinkle Twinkle Little Party }

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holly Jolly Holiday Party

I threw a small Holiday get together for my children and 8 of their friends. My inspiration was a polka dot wrapping paper that I purchased at Hobby Lobby, which I also used as a backdrop and "tablecloth" for the tables. 
This party was a lot of fun to design using the cutest printables ever from Twinkle Twinkle Little Party. All the decorations{including the Pallet Christmas Tree}, food and sweets were made by me.
We had a Healthy Snack table, Hot Cocoa Bar and a Holiday Sweet Table. For the Healthy Snack table, the children enjoyed Christmas Ornaments{cherry tomatoes}, Reindeer Food{baby carrots} and Holiday Sandwiches. After they ate healthy, we played Digging in the Snow{they dug into a basket of fake snow to find prizes}and "What am I?" Holiday edition.
After the games the children had some yummy treats like Gumball Tree, Wreath Cookies, Chocolate bites, Marshmallow Trees, Caramel popcorn, mini cheese cakes and Christmas Tree Cupcakes. We also played Secret Santa while enjoying some hot cocoa and Hot cocoa marshmallow mugs. It was a for sure a really Holly Jolly Party!

Here is the invitation that my daughter made!


Happy Holidays!

Hot Cocoa Mug

Another adorable Holiday treat!  These little mugs of hot cocoa are super easy to make! This one was actually my daughter's idea!  She spotted this idea in her American Girl Magazine! We did a twist and dipped the whole marshmallow into chocolate! YUM!! 

regular size marshmallows, mini marshmallows, mini candy cane, sprinkles and chocolate

Simply melt the chocolate as directed and dip the marshmallow into the melted chocolate. I made them in two ways. I added the candy canes and the mini marshmallow when the chocolate was still melted and  I also did it when the chocolate was hard. Even though it was harder when the chocolate was still melted, the results were a lot better! 

We also made some the same way as the American Girl Magazine. A lot easier but just as cute!



Christmas Tree Cupcakes

 I LOVE parties!! Sometimes we have a party just for fun! I love to come up with treats for the kids table! Our Holiday party was last Friday and this was one the treats they had! Yummy Christmas Tree Cupcakes!! 
My idea to make this treat for my children's holiday party came from These are a few of my favorite things site, she made the cutest Thanksgiving Teepee Cupcakes!!!
Super easy to make!
Here are the ingredients:
sugar cones, cake mixing,icing, sprinkles, bundt  pan, aluminum foil

Mix the cake mix according to the package directions. I covered a bundt cake with heavy duty foil and poked some holes to insert the cones after they were filled with the cake mix.
I wish I did a double layer of the foil since some of the cones did not stayed in place!! I also put too much mix inside the cones but it didn't mater since I was able to "trim" some cones to be flat on the "tree skirt"{cupcakes liners}.
After the cones were cooled, ice the hole cone and roll it to some green, red and white sprinkles.

Easy and fun part for the kids to do!

Happy Holidays !

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pallet Christmas Tree

I finally finished my Pallet Christmas Tree!!  I LOVE the way it came out!!
It was so so so easy to make it too!!

Pallet{from my friend's store}, paint{Hobby Lobby}, stencils{Hobby Lobby}, paint brushes, drawer pulls{Hobby Lobby $1.50 each} and knobs{Michael's $1 each}, wooden ornaments{Target} and power tools{hubby's job}

Hubby helped me out with this project! He cut the pallet into a tree shape and sanded it for me!
Then it was my turn to have some fun!! :)

After it was dried, I sanded it to make it look more rustic.

I applied the stencil to look like snow flakes.

Using the stencil letters, I wrote the words: 
Joy and Believe in Magic Always.

I wanted to make a "funky" tree so I added some drawer pulls and knobs.

Added some wooden ornaments from Target.

Depending on the light, the tree comes out in different shades of green in the photo!! The tree is really more like a fade green. 
I might make some of these next year and try to sell it at our local Farmer's Market. I am wondering if anyone would buy it...

I used our the at our Holiday Party!

I also made this Pallet Dandelion Wall Decor

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