Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Be Thankful Frame

I just made another decoration for my soon to be Fall/Thanksgiving Mantel. This time I made a Be Thankful frame. I made 2 types, not sure if I will have both on the same display.
I am in love with my first choice! 
It says "Give Thanks for unknown blessings already on their way".  

The second one I made after seeing this kind of saying in so many blogs with all different meanings. It says: "Stay Calm and be Thankful."  Around the holidays, sometimes we get so busy with trips, get together dinners, food and gifts that we forget just to enjoy time together. We can get overwhelmed but we have to stay CALM and just Be Thankful  for what we have!

Frame Mat{Dollar Store}, glue, scissors, ruler, scrapbook paper and the sayings that you can download at the end of this post. 

Measure the sides of the frame and cut the scrapbook paper to fit the sides and paste it to the frame.

I also made this one with left over paper. 

Cost for both frames: $2.50
For the Keep Calm and be Thankful, click HERE.
For the Give Thanks for unknown blessings already on their way, HERE. 
NOTE: This will fit on a frame mat that has a 5x7 opening. You might have to trim the sides before you glue it to the mat.
For the Up-cycle Fall Vases made from Glass Bottles, click HERE.

I would love to know each one is your favorite!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Up-cycle - Fall vases made from glass bottles

Little by little, my house is starting to feel like Fall Season{even though was 112F today}! This project was very simple, fast and cheap to make. 
I purchased the flowers and scrapbook at Hobby Lobby for 50%off.

glass bottle
scrapbook paper and ribbons
silk flowers
glue and scissors

 Glue the scrapbook around the bottle{no need to take the bottle label off}and glue ribbon/rope around the neck of the bottle.

 I had a paper tag from a basket that I got at Goodwill and saved knowing that I could use for a project. Simply cut the scrapbook paper and glue it to the tag.

Add the flowers and you are done! COST: $14 for all 3 vases!!

Happy Fall!

The DIY Show Off


Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Colors

I started to think about fall decor even though is 113F today here in AZ! Before I went to Hobby Lobby this morning, I walked around the house to see the possibilities. To my surprise most of all my family room decor is Fall colors!! I have to say I LOVE Earth colors! It makes me happy! :)
Take a look!
I got the candles and the seed balls above while we lived in Brazil. On my kitchen counter that faces the family room, I have a ceramic pitcher full of silk Gerberas{my favorite flower after orchids}.

 On my hallway I have a candle holder that I bought years back at JCPenny. The "boat" I bought in Buenos Aires and the ball seeds are from Brazil.

My family room has the wall entertainment build in. This was build before Flat Screens were invented! lol! So I made a pretend fireplace! I would love to make into a real fireplace someday!

LOVE this pillow from Buenos Aires!

My side table with my favorite things!

My almost all year around wreath.

My kitchen also has Earth colors! Got the frames at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 each! I know! I had to pinch myself!

Another wreath, this one is on my kitchen wall.

So for now, I just go some supplies at Hobby Lobby to make my entryway more festive! Hobby Lobby has all the Fall picks and scrapbook paper for 50% this week.

This is the wall on my family room, it blends really well with the Earth tone decor.

Happy Fall to all! :)