Friday, September 7, 2012

Witch Hat Favor Tutorial

We LOVE Halloween at our house!
I am always looking for creative ways to add fun to our Halloween parties.
This Witch Hat favor is so cute and it makes a great favor to be given to a teacher, friend or neighbor!
Super easy to make and it will be for sure the favorite treat to take home at 
our Halloween party this year! ;)

black paper plate{dessert size}
black card stock paper
crepe paper streamers
scissors and glue
Halloween printable from Amanda's Party to Go
a party hat to use as template

 1. using the party hat as template, trace the hat into the card stock paper, cut and glue it.  
2. glue the black hat into the paper. Let it dry.
3. cut a small opening to the top of the black hat.
4. using a hole puncher, make 2 holes next to the opening as show on the picture above.
5. glue some fringed steamers around the plate. Tutorial for fringed streamers HERE
6. add some candy thought the top of the hat and tie with a ribbon.
That is it! Not Tricks jus Treats! ;)

For more Halloween ideas, please visit me at Crissy's Crafts

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY Mini Scrapbook

 My submission for the Back to School Crafter's Challenge is this cute mini scrapbook made out of paper lunch bags! 
Make a mini scrapbook using brown paper bags to register all the milestones that the children will accomplish in the new school year. Kids can embellish this cute mini scrapbook, write favorite moments and events and add pictures throughout out the year. While they get their scrapbook ready, they will look forward going back to school to experience all the activities that they will register in their scrapbook!
I´m participating in the Back to School Crafter's Challenge with this project. Please, if you like it, re-pin the my mini scrapbook from the official board, HERE.  The submission that has the most re-pins by Friday, September 14  WINS!! Thank you so much for your help!

3 lunch brown bags, scrapbook paper, FREE Back to School printable from Amanda's Parties to Go, scissors, stapler, ribbons and glue

I made this one for my son that just started preschool! :) But I forgot to add the H for preschool!!! Need to fix it asap!!!
I´m participating in the Back to School Crafter's Challenge with this project. Please, if you like it, re-pin the my mini scrapbook from the official board, HERE.