Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pencil Flower Bouquet

For Teacher Appreciation Week, my daughter's class decided to thank you their teacher by bringing  supplies for their classroom. The class needs of simple supplies like pencils, but I couldn't just bring in a plain old box of pencils!! :) So we got creative!! We turned pencils into a Flower Bouquet!
You can download the Flowers label here.

For this another super easy project, click here.

Pencil Flower Vase

Another super easy Teacher Appreciation Week project! 
Any floral scrapbook paper will be perfect for  this cute gift!

For this super cute Flower Bouquet, click here.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Softball favors - Hershey's wrappers printable

The Softball Spring Season for my girls is almost over. Made some cute thank you favors for the coaches and for the their teammates. You can download the wrappers for free! Enjoy!
For the 1.55 OZ bars(big bars) click here and for the .49 OZ bars(small bars) click here

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mother's Day - A Kissing Hand

This is probably one of my favorite gifts to receive! Who does not like little hands? This one is my 2 year old son's little hand but I still have my now 12 year old daughter's hand print when she was a toddler! 
This one was inspired by The Kissing Hand book.

Mother's Day Projects

For this Kissing hand project click HERE

Mother's Day Paper Mache Box

So many easy Mother's Day projects!!

Found this Beautiful tissue paper at Walmart! Spent $1.50 on it and made 4 beautiful Mother's day projects with it!!
So easy and cheap to make this paper mache box!! Kids will love to do this project!! You just need a box, tissue paper, ribbon and MOD PODGE. Fun to make and it does turn out very pretty!! 
Note: I applied 2 layers of tissue paper.

Mother's Day Crafts

Mother's Day Small Gift Box

A small box for that perfect jewelery made by your little one, for some yummy chocolate or a gift certificate for a SPA? Whatever it is moms will love to get this cute little box that kids can do it and have fun while doing it!

Mother's Day projects

Mother's Day Flower

Another way to decorate your Recycled Water Bottle Flower! The original was made with fabric, this one is made with tissue. By using tissue, this project became an easier one for kids to do! Enjoy!

Mother's Day Projects

Kissing Hand Keys - Hand Print

Another project inspired by The Kissing Hand book. For this one I painted my son's hands and printed on the back of a scrapbook paper.
You can download the Kissing Hands labels HERE

Having fun while mommy finishes the project

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