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Bowling Birthday Party

Bowling Party

The Birthday Table
All the table decorations were made using construction paper and post board.

The invitation is double face, the front is the bowling bowl made with blue glitter scrapbook paper and the back just plain black paper. I used a large round vase as a template. We  glued 3 rhinestone in the glitter circle for the bowling ball  holes and glued the two bowling balls together with gluestick. My daughter used gel pens to write the party info.



                                                                                          All the girls received their personalized bowling t-shirt. 
Each girl had her initial on the front and a bowling ball with 3 rhinestone for the holes on the back of the           t-shirts. The ball and the initial were made with black glitter felt.
All ready for the girls!
The Team
They all looked so cute!
Each girl had her own Bowling nicknames. We choose an adjective that starts with the letter as their first name, than for the "middle name" a favorite animal or pet.
My daughter's bowling nickname was: Crazy Nibbles.

She had her favorite cake: Oreo ice cream cake.

Award Winner Pins

Award Winner Pins    
We made silly award pins like Best Victory Dance, Most Strikes, Most Spares, Best Bowling Face, Most Competive Player(my husband won this one!) and best Warm Up. Once we arrived back home after bowling, each girl received her "award"!                                                                                                                                
Bowler Bites
We made mini bowling balls by adding mini white chocolate chips to chocolate cookies.We used frosting to "glue" the chips.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Bowling charms
They made this charm using shrinky dinks! I LOVE shrinky dinks!
Bowling Queen Trophy
The Bowling Queen
I made the trophy with a round Styrofoam. I glued the glitter felt on both sides and added 3 blue glitter holes to the ball. Next, I glued the bowling ball to a blue paper cup and glued the "Bowling Queen" clip art to the cup. We brought the trophy to the bowling alley and everytime a girl did a strike or a spare, she got to have the trophy until next person bowlled another strike or spear!

 They made picture frames to take home with a picture of the team! Each girl glued her award to the frame and all the girls signed the frame with their bowling nicknames!

Each girl took home a DVD with pictures of the party. Each DVD case was made of yellow construction paper and I glued their personalized bowling ball to it. We added a tag with a Thank you message.
DVD case

Some of the ideas for the Bowling Party are from The American Girl Magazine

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Sweet Valentines Treats

All you need to make these yummys treats are some pink, red, black construction paper, some pipe cleaners, feathers, small plastic cups(recycled from my kids snacks), some cupcake liners and some imagination! Oh and don't forget the candy!!
The Yummy treats!

The Edible Bug Collection

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