Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Party 2011

You all probably know by now that I LOVE Halloween! So much that I had two parties! I did  Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party earlier this month but the girls really want to do another one for her school friends . They didn't have to ask me twice! lol! My inspiration for this one was the free printable from Catch my Party.
I designed the invitations, the dessert table, the decorations and made all the yummy treats!
We had Spooky Jello drink treats, skull and bone chocolate favors, caramel popcorn, RIP treats, mummy wrap snacks to name a few.
We played Wrap the Mummy Game, The Name Game, Zombie Brain{the hunt for body parts}, Silly String tag and hunt for the glow in the dark bracelet. They had a blast! 
I also made a  CD with pictures of the party for them to take home!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Skull and Bones Treats

Who wants some Skull soup? 
This is one of the sweets that we are preparing for our Halloween party! 
Easy, spooky and yummy! 

Ingredients for the Skull
Skull Ice Tray from the Dollar Tree and white chocolate
Just melt the white chocolate, pour into the skulls and put in the freezer until it gets hard.

Ingredients for the Bones
pretzel sticks , mini marshmallows and white chocolate
I found the recipe at Epicurious Recipes.

Just assemble the bones and skull together and voila!
Skull  and bones treat!

TP Treat Boxes

Yep! I did it again! Pretty soon I will be known as "The TP roll lady"!! LOL!! At the Glitter Academy, Ellie from Ellie Sew Sweet brought me some tp rolls!!! How funny is that? My friends are saving them for me!!!How embarrassing!! ;) But at least I am recycling, right?
For the tutorial, click HERE.
I downloaded the FREE Halloween printable from Catch my Party.
I filled the TP with some fun size M&M's.
My SKULL Sweet table is coming together very nice but SPOOKY! :)

RIP {Rest in Pieces} Coffins Treat Boxes

Working on a few props for the Halloween party and since we are pretty much going with the Skull theme, I searched for some RIP ideas. I came across Martha Stewart Coffin Template , found the Tombstone "Rest in Pieces" at my Dollar Tree and download the FREE Halloween printable from Catch my Party. It will be a nice  touch to my sweet table, don't you think?

Do you want to know what is inside the "Rest in Pieces" coffins?

Reese's Pieces!!! ;)