Thursday, September 25, 2014


I have used Cutting Edges Stencil to make an Accent Wall, Pallet Dandelions Wall decor, Give Thanks Wall Art and a backdrop for my daughter's Make Wish Party. Love their stencils! So when I found out that they lunched a new site called Paint-a-Pillow, I couldn't wait to try it out!  The Paint-a-Pillow Stencil Kit comes with everything for you to create your own designer pillows! So fun!
Paint-a-Pillow has a huge selection of pillow stencils that includes, Nature , Modern, Ethnic, Classic, Beach and Kids Patterns.
Your Paint-A-Pillow kit 
comes to you pre-assembled and ready to use.
Kit Includes:
Your choice of soft canvas
Your stencil of choice
Stenciling frame (pat.pend.)
Reusable pillow stencil
17”x17” Cotton pillow cover
Pillow insert: linen/down alternative
Mini roller and 1/2" stencil brush
Paint tray and stirring stick
Illustrated instructions
Free mini stencil and practice fabric swatch
One free fabric paint 

1. Shake the paint jar and stir the paint with the stirring stick. Then pour some fabric paint onto the paint tray. Load your mini-roller by rolling it over the paint, pressing slightly and making sure the paint gets evenly absorbed into the roller surface. A properly loaded roller should look almost dry, with paint evenly absorbed into it. Not stripy. Take care not to overload your roller! Less paint is better!
2. Make sure the stencil is secured to the frame with the bent down metal tabs. Start stenciling by rolling over the stencil, using light to medium pressure and slowly building paint coverage. Don’t press hard on the roller. Excessive pressure can cause paint seepage under the stencil. Make sure you achieve nice even coverage. If your stenciling looks a little blotchy, roll on a little more paint.
The edges are easier to finish with a stencil brush. Dip the tip of the bristles into the paint and do a few swirls on the tray to make sure the paint gets worked nicely and evenly into the bristles. 
3.Bend the metal tabs up on the frame and carefully lift and remove the stencil. The pillow cover now has to dry completely. You can let it dry inside the stenciling frame, or carefully take it out and put in a safe place to dry. You can speed up the drying process by using a hair dryer or a fan.

Now to the GOOD News!!
One lucky reader will win a Paint-a-Pllow kit of their choice too!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Luau Party Ideas

Last Saturday we celebrated the end of Summer with a 
LUAU Party!
I found the perfect Luau party supplies on Party Pail website. The collection is called Pineapple Punch Party Decorations. From invitations, decorations, tableware and favors, this collection has everything you need to host an awesome Luau. 
Here are the details from our Luau! Enjoy!

The table with appetizers, favors and desserts was set up by the pool. Instead of using the  Pineapple Centerpiece as centerpiece, I hung them from the umbrella along with some paper lanterns. 
Some of the appetizers were Caprese Antipasticks, a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetable platter.
Our guests were greeted by this fun Luau Party sign!
I served the vegetables and fruits on Pineapple Punch Serving Trays and added a cute pineapple made of green and yellow peppers. :)
I used the Pineapple Punch Confetti to adorn the dessert spoons and the Caprese Sticks. I made Berry Kabobs using the Palm Tree Stir Sticks.
Guest took home Palm Tree Favors filled with chocolate kisses.
At the Drink Station, guests choices were Efferve Lemonade, Crush Strawberry Soda, LandShark, Barefoot Riesling Wine and Jose Cuervo Margaritas. Parasol Picks, straws inside Coconut Cup, Pineapple Punch Beverage Napkins and Pineapple Punch Cups set the Luau mood to the table.
Other decorations around the pool were the Pineapple Punch Dangling Cutouts and Bamboo Weave Paper Lanterns.
Aloha and Cheers!
Thank you Party Pail for sending over all the awesome 
Luau Party Supplies!
Check out Party Pail website for more Luau Party Supplies, recipes and PartyPailTips.!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

ASU Tailgate Party

We are kicking off  College Football Season 
with some Tailgate party ideas!
We used the ASU Decor but you can easily 
switch the decor to your team colors!
Party City sent me a variety of Football Decor and Tableware to create the ultimate Tailgate party! 
Some fun addition to the table are the Referee Shirt Drink Cozies, the Football Serving Tray and the Megaphone.
Fun way to serve veggies and fruits are inside these mini bowls and glasses.
Hang some Football Paper Lanterns, add  Balloons of your team colors and Football Pennant Banner to create a festive look to your party.
Have some props like Wigs, Noise Makers, Sunglasses, Necklaces and Hats for you guests to go FANRAGEOUS!
We did a Tailgate party back in November 
before the ASU game and it was so much fun!! 

Need more ideas?
and the following links for more Football/Tailgate Party ideas from Party City:

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Girl Scout Bridging 2014

Our Bridging Ceremony was a little late this year but we finally had it last week! We had a GS weekend at the end of May(pictures to come)  but we didn't have time to plan the Bridging due to Summer break. So, without  further due here are the details of our Ceremony!

My oldest daughter made this beautiful cake for the girls!

The girls helped set up for the Ceremony by decorating the outdoors, getting the snacks ready and making lemonade for our guests.

Our ceremony was divided in 3 parts.
We started with the Flag Ceremony.
The second part of the ceremony was a presentation of the GS levels represented by a Daisy Flower. Daisy was the nickname of Juliette Low, the founder of Girl Scouts.
The seed represents the Daisy level, roots the Brownies, Stem the Juniors, leaves the Cadettes and the center and petals of the flower represents the Seniors and Ambassador Girl Scouts. You can find more detailed information about this presentation HERE.
Our 3rd part of the ceremony was the cross of the bridge. Each girl  crossed the bridge one by one and received their Bridging Certificate. I made the "bridge" using yard picked fence found at Home Depot. ;)
This is their last picture as Juniors!! 
Cadette Girl Scouting here they come!!
I made scrapbook albums for each one of them with photos of our last year adventures.

This ceremony was a little bit sad for me since 
this is the last year I will be their leader. 
My family and I will be moving to Brazil in November. 
I will definitely miss this great group of sweet young ladies!