Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Countdown to Christmas!

I finally made this super easy project using a pizza pan! Since I don't have a Silhouette Machine :( ,  I purchased the vinyl from Pick your Plum. It came out so cute and it is the perfect addition to my family room! Here it is the project from Pick Your Plum Pinterest.

 Another idea is to use as a Countdown Wreath!

12 in pizza  pan, countdown vinyl and adhesive rhinestones.

I added a magnet to the back of a chipboard ornament sticker

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wow! I am a Bird's Party Contributor!

I am beyond excited to share my biggest news yet since I started my blog! Bird asked me to be her monthly contributor at Bird's Party!!! I was truly humbled by her invitation!
I often check out her site for inspiration! Bird's Party is a blog about entertaining, crafting, and all things pretty and fun.
I "met" Bird a couple months back when I submitted my "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party". I love chatting with her, she is just too sweet for words! And how about Bird's Party website? Bird has so many great printable designs and, best of all it is very affordable!  
Can't wait to share my first tutorial at Bird's Party! Stay tuned! ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flowers made out of corn husks

I had some corn husks left over from our Fall Feast and it was the perfect excuse to try to make some of the flowers that I used to see in Brazil. I love the way it came out!! Perfect to embellish some Thanksgiving or Christmas gifts!

Corn husks, scissors and glue gun

cut different sizes of flowers and circle/rectangle out of the corn husk
 To make the middle of the flowers, cut a a long and thin piece of the corn husk and roll it and secure it with hot glue.

glue the middle of the flower to the circle and start to glue the petals around it. I started from the outside.
 After I glued all the petals, I trimmed the petals and the circle.
Just love it!

DIY Club

Fall Feast

I threw a small Thanksgiving get together for my children and 4 of their friends. My inspiration was my native country of  Brazil where corn is a big part of our fall celebrations. We have a celebration called Festa Junina where corn is part of many of the sweets and decorations. I used corn husks  to dress up the water bottles and  to display and serve the food. Sweet treats included caramel and kernel popcorn, corn bread, cookies, jello treats and candy corn. To complete the look of the party, I used the free Fall kit from Paper Glitter. The kids each had a place mat for coloring and made Gooble Gooble paintings using their thumbs and finger tips. 
I also want to have a “green” party using recycled items to serve and display the food. I was able to use tin cans to serve the popcorn, glass jars for the jello treats and TP roll for favors.
For the back drop, I used a simple curtain panel{clearance for $2.50} tied with some raffia and sunflowers. The decorations were very simple; I picked some brunches and lightly sprayed with orange spray paint to make our Thanksgiving tree. I added some baskets from Brazil made out of corn husk, small scarecrows, and silk leaves and pretend corn around the tables to complete our Fall theme.

Since it was a small party, I was able to use the cupcake toppers from Paper Glitter as “names” for the kids. For example, each child had their own unique place card, let’s say it was the picture of a corn on the cob, so he/she knew that the water bottle, the popcorn tin and the jello treat that had the corn on the cob label belonged to his/hers.

I had a lot of fun designing this party and fits right with my blog motto: Fresh ans Easy crafts on a budget! In this case Fresh and Easy party ideas on a budget! ;) Happy Fall!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gobble Gobble Painting {Kids Craft}

At our Thanksgiving get together, the children made mini Turkey paintings using their  thumbs and finger tips! 
It came out so so cute!

I found the mini canvas/easel at Walmart(2 for $$3.40). We used the children's thumbs for the turkey's body and the finger tips for the feathers.

For the bigger kids paintings, they painted their entire hands!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was trilled to be featured at  Amy Atlas Events!