Thursday, June 30, 2011

Necklace Giveaway

Lisa, from Before Meets After, is giving away my Upcycle Necklace seen above!  
So happy that she contact and we were able to offer this giveaway to our readers!
If you would like to enter this giveaway, please go to Necklace Giveaway from Crissy's Crafts  for all the details!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Link-Up Party

So happy that I was chosen to co-host with 
Melanie from Reasons to Skip the Housework.
This is my first time co-hosting a link party!! So excited!! Even more since I am so enjoying summer with my family and friends that I haven't craft for days so I need some inspiration!  
Each Tuesday she hosts Tuesday Time Out over on her blog and I will be partying along with Melanie, her followers and all the cool creative links!  
Melanie also has an Etsy shop called Tinker B Boutique that has really cute pendants! The best thing about her shop is that the pendants are really beautiful and affordable! 
Make sure to check it out!

Party Rules:

This is a reverse entry Link Up.  The most recent entry will show up in the #1 spot, allowing everyone to be at the top!
Following me {Crissy's Crafts} & 
is greatly appreciated. :){Plus, it's the nice thing to do!}
Please link to the post - not your main blog address.
Please don't link up giveaways or shops - 
this is for decorating, craft and food inspirations!
Comments are greatly appreciated - that way I can visit you back! 

Can't wait to see all  the great projects for this week!

Let's party!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Upcycle Project - Garden stakes made out of plastic bottles

Another great upcycle project using plastic bottles. This time I choose to use Powerade bottles because they are stronger them regular water bottle and they have a frame shape on their sides! I made Wooden Garden Stakes last May but since the sun here in AZ is so strong, some stakes are already getting bad. 
This one is simple and cheap! 

POWERADE bottles
MOD PODGE/ brush
seed packs
spray finish(optional) - I used on the back of the stakes since I din't have the Mod Podge outdoors.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


A Brazilian June Feast - Festa Junina

Whoever has traveled to Brazil during the month of June, has already found out that Brazilians celebrate the month with parties that can be even bigger than Carnaval in some cities. Those parties are called Festas Juninas and they celebrate saints Anthony, John and Peter with lots of traditional foods, drinks and a theatrical dance inherited from the French called quadrilha (a type of square dance).
The Celebrations are very colorful, the decor are made of paper lanterns and colorful banners.Men dress up as farm boys with large straw hats and women wear pigtails, freckles, painted gap teeth and red-checkered dresses, all in a loving tribute to the origins of Brazilian country music. Like during Carnival, these festivities involve costume-wearing (in this case, peasant costumes), dancing and fun games for the children.
Since I had my children, I always try to bring Brazilian culture into their lives. It is important to me to have the Brazilian culture alive and plus I LOVE parties!! :)
So when I found out some of my family members from Brazil were coming to visit us and also was going to be my Uncle's Birthday, I knew I had  to celebrate by doing a Festa Junina!

The food table had some of the traditional Festa Junina food like corn on the cob, corn bread, mini hot dogs and popcorn
My sister brought the paper lanterns and the banners from Brazil. I made the pink and green banner out of fabric.

One of the children's favorite game at a Festa Junina is a game called Pescaria. So I made a little sweet treat for each of them called Balinha de Pescaria.

Just like a real Festa Junina we had games and prendas(prizes).
The prize table
At every Festa Junina the bonfire is a must! To honor the tradition, we made Bonfire cupcakes! 
To learn how to make them go to Bonfire cupcakes

My daughters all ready for some fun! Freckles, pig tales and a straw hat are a must!!
Of course my son had to dress up too!! Fake mustache and all!

Game time! We played Fishing Game, Musical Chairs, Hit or Miss can game to name a few!
And they got some cool prizes too!!

My Uncle was so happy with the party!! And my daughter's friends that came said this was one cool party!
Even my children's friends are learning about the Brazilian culture!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beach Mantel - Beach Candle Holder tutorial

Arizona is a beautiful place to live but I miss the beach. I had always lived somewhat close to the ocean. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has some of the world's most beautiful beaches. In the States I lived in NJ and FL also close to beaches. Just the thought of sand in my toes brings a smile to my face. With summer right around the corner, I wanted to bring the beach feeling to my house. With some glass candle holders and gems from the Dollar Store, ribbons and beads left over from previous projects, I made some candle holders to go with the "beach shelf" that we have in our family room. I also added some sea shells around the house and pictures of family trips to the ocean. 
We might be miles away from the ocean but I feel happier now!

This  how the wall looks like after we painted and added the picture frames with summer pictures!
 I LOVE summer!

Now to the Beach Candle Holder Tutorial:

This  how the wall looks like after we painted and added the picture frames with summer pictures!
 I LOVE summer!