Thursday, August 21, 2014

Girl Scout Bridging 2014

Our Bridging Ceremony was a little late this year but we finally had it last week! We had a GS weekend at the end of May(pictures to come)  but we didn't have time to plan the Bridging due to Summer break. So, without  further due here are the details of our Ceremony!

My oldest daughter made this beautiful cake for the girls!

The girls helped set up for the Ceremony by decorating the outdoors, getting the snacks ready and making lemonade for our guests.

Our ceremony was divided in 3 parts.
We started with the Flag Ceremony.
The second part of the ceremony was a presentation of the GS levels represented by a Daisy Flower. Daisy was the nickname of Juliette Low, the founder of Girl Scouts.
The seed represents the Daisy level, roots the Brownies, Stem the Juniors, leaves the Cadettes and the center and petals of the flower represents the Seniors and Ambassador Girl Scouts. You can find more detailed information about this presentation HERE.
Our 3rd part of the ceremony was the cross of the bridge. Each girl  crossed the bridge one by one and received their Bridging Certificate. I made the "bridge" using yard picked fence found at Home Depot. ;)
This is their last picture as Juniors!! 
Cadette Girl Scouting here they come!!
I made scrapbook albums for each one of them with photos of our last year adventures.

This ceremony was a little bit sad for me since 
this is the last year I will be their leader. 
My family and I will be moving to Brazil in November. 
I will definitely miss this great group of sweet young ladies! 

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