Friday, May 10, 2013

Teacher's Survival Kit

Usually you give a teacher survival kit at the begging of the school year but I decided to give to the teacher's during the Teacher Appreciation Week so they can "survive" the last weeks of school!! ;)

Teacher Survival Kit
Animal cookies for when your classroom seems like a zoo.
Band-Aids for when things get a little rough.
Chewing Gum to help you stick to it.
Crayons to color your day bright and cheerful.
Eraser to remind you everyone makes mistakes.
Lifesavers for when you've had one of those days.
Marbles to replace the ones you've lost.
Paperclips to hold it all together. 
Rubber band to remind you to be flexible.
Shiny Penny to remind you that each will shine in his or her own special way.
Starburst to give you a "burst" of energy when you need it.
Tissues to wipe away the tears...yours and theirs.
Toothpicks to help you "pick" out the good qualities in others and yourself,
and a prayer for you to say at the start of each day:
Please help me,
to strengthen their voices,
bodies and minds,
to express their feelings
and control them sometimes,
to explore what's near
and venture afar,
but most important
to love who they are.



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  1. This is such a great idea. I have never heard of this ans will be using this at the begging of the year. Thanks so much for sharing this.



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