Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bookworm favors

I made bookworm favors for my son's preschool class! 
Super cute, easy and inexpensive way to celebrate their first week in school!

worm gummies
clear plastic bags
FREE back to school printable from Amanda's Party to Go
alphabet stamp - I got mine at Walmart's scrapbook aisle for $1

Fill the bag with some worms, tie with a cute ribbon and embellish with the apple cut out from Amanda's Party to Go!
Easy peasy!

Hurray to School!


  1. very cute treat

  2. how adorable! I'd love to use this for a party with some friends...we've been meaning to do another "book club" or book trading party.

    Lauren from

  3. Adorable favors! So simple and sooo cute! I host a link party and you are more than welcome to share these and any other posts you'd like!

  4. Oh my goodness! How creative and cute! My daughter is starting preschool, and I might have to do this for her class.

  5. Cute worms there. Love those.


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