Monday, May 28, 2012

Beachy Kneen Party

My husband LOVES the beach! When the time came to celebrate his day, we knew we want to do a beachy theme!! Both of us were born and raised by the ocean and for the first time we are living miles away from the beach. All the props used for this party are part of our family room decor. Since our daddy is not too crazy about sweets, we combined the sweet and salty treats on one table.  I found a gorgeous free printable beach bags tags on The House of Smiths site, that I used as food tent cards, cupcake toppers and favors(embellished with seashells buttons), they were designed by
Jones Design Company

For the sweets, we had taffy, starfish s'mores, pearly bites(family fun recipe), pearl cake balls and mini cupcakes. We also had herb focaccia and tuna dip served inside real shells, crabwish(chicken sandwich - family fun), shrimp cocktail, sea salt chips and whale crackers(kids favorite). We served dad's favorite drinks, caipirinha and LandShark larger. We also had lemonade for the children.
As for the children's actives, I set up an under the sea painting station for the kids to make sea creatures handprints for the dads to take home as a keepsake. They all came out so cute! 
It was a perfect day to relax by the pool and play with the children.

Styling, food and Photography by Crissy's Crafts 
As seen on Amy Atlas


  1. I love the beach theme! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. OMG!! I LOVE it!! The sogns really crack me up!! :D
    Congrats also on the AA feature!! not surprised, it's GORGEOUS!!!


  3. Such creative (and I'm sure, yummy) eats to go with the fun theme!

  4. This is so adorable, Crissy! Your entire scene was so packed full of "beachy fun" & delicious-looking foods. Your hubby must have loved it.

  5. I love it.. Super cool and beachy.. The smores seashells and crabwich are my favorite.. :)

  6. Memories of living near the ocean. Beautiful!!!

  7. New follower! This party theme is absolutely the cutest and most creative I've seen! I love it! Awesome job:) Jamie


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