Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grandparents Day printables

I was recruited by the PTSO Bakers Club from my daughter's school to bake 2 dozens of muffins for the Grandparents Breakfast that will take place tomorrow. I couldn't just give them some plain muffins! I had to make it special! :) I made labels saying "Happy Grandparents Day 2011" and "I LOVE my Grandparents!"
You can too use them as cupcake picks or to label water bottles. 
Click HERE for "I LOVE my Grandparents!" and HERE  for  "Happy Grandparents Day 2011".

I also made some mini muffins to give to my daughter's teacher.


  1. Those are gorgeous, thanks for sharing! - Jess at OlyMomma

  2. love em crissy they are great..i get to finally post comments again. blogger fixed the issue apparently

  3. Hi I just found your site! :) I tried to download the Happy Grandparents Day and scribed says, They are archived. Would you be able to fix the link? I would love them! Many thanks for your consideration.


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