Friday, August 5, 2011

Giveaway very very soon! I HOPE!! :)

I would like to show you guys my new addition to my Etsy Shop! A Burlap tote! Perfect for summer!
And guess what? This will be my  giveaway {1st ever!}once I hit 300 followers!! So hopefully once I come back from vacation, I will be able to giveaway this beautiful tote to one of my readers!! Woohoo!! If you are already a follower, THANKS a bunch!! If you aren't, be sure to do so!! The faster I reach 300 the faster your chance to win will come!! Oh and don't forget to let your friends know about this giveaway! The more the merrier!!!


  1. Love it Crissy! You are so talented...I can't wait for your giveaway :)

  2. I just can't ever throw away bottle caps! I am going to try this out! Thanks for the idea!

  3. New follower.
    Been saving my bottle caps for something special.
    Thank you for the tutorial, I think I would add felt under the bottle caps though.

  4. I think I followed in the right place! New follower. Love the bottle cap idea. I had heard about it recently and thought it would be fun with my daughter. Just not beer caps for a 12 year old. Thanks for the giveaway.


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