Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sneak Peak of next week's post - Flowers made out of soda cans

I was busy like a bumble bee :) last week  making this beautiful metal flowers. Getting better and better at each time! Made so many that went crazy and decorated my whole bedroom with them! 
I would love to be able to sell them someday! What do you think?
I will post the picture tutorial next week! In the meantime, 


  1. so pretty! I love them in the colored vases...and I can't wait to learn how to make these!

  2. I just ran across your blog, and I've been reading it & love it! I'm also from Brazil, and I love all the cute crafts you have linked here using recycled items. Can't wait to learn how to make these flowers! Thanks for sharing your talents. =)

  3. The flowers looks so good, elegent on the mantle.

  4. mawgipawgi: Where I live, this is Saint's country. Eventhough I don't drink, my son collected alot of Bud Light empty cans. They are loaded with Saints things on them. Wish me luck!!! I love yours, they are so exquisite.


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