Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garden Stakes

We were busy today making garden stakes for our garden!  It came out so cute! What do you think?
What a great project  to do with the kids!

Materials: 1Basswood Project bag, wooden flowers, paint, paint brushes, Painters paint markers, liquid nails and clear spray finish

First paint all your wood pieces(no need to paint the long thin stick) with any color you want, let it dry for 30 minutes. After the rectangle piece of wood is all dry, write the names of your herbs/vegetables with paint markers and decorate all around with small colorful dots. Next, decorate your flower using the paint markers. After is all dried, glue the flowers to the rectangle piece of wood with  wood glue (I used the liquid nails), once the flowers is glued in place, turn it around and glue the long thin stick to the back. Spray the front and back with clear spray finish.  Let it dry for 3 hours. 

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