Friday, March 18, 2011

LadyBug Birthday

Ladybug Party!
On my daughter's 6 th birthady, I was 8 months pregnant!!! We had the party couple of weeks before her birthday since my due date was really close to her real birthday! Didn't want to take any chances... good thing I didn't!! My baby was born a few days after her party!!We were living overseas so I didn't have so many choices of party supply as we have here. So I ordered everything from OT.
Closed invitation
as you make the ladybug fly, you get the details for the party
To make ladybug birthday invitations, trace a round lid onto black cardstock for the ladybug's belly, make a small circle for her had and glue 2 googly eyes. Add 2 antenas to the head. Cut along the lines, then color the ladybug's face with markers and write the ladybug birthday party details on a white piece of paper and glue on her belly. Make the ladybug's wings by tracing the lid onto red construction paper and cutting out the circles. Decorate the circles with black spots. Cut them in half to create wings and attach them with paper fasteners. The wording inside was: "Let's have some Bug fun!"

The Ladybug Sweet table was a hit!
Ladybug cupcakes
I printed some ladybug clipart and glued on each lollipop and stucked inside a haf cabbage wrapped in red tissue paper. Bought some silk sunflowers for the table, made some chocolate balls and made ladybug cupcakes.
Giant Ladybug lollipops
kids decorated their bug catcher

The kids decorated their own bug catcher and went on a bug hunt around the backyard for some bugs! They also made bug necklaces,  played pin the spots on the ladybug and decorated their own goody bag.
bug hunt

Ladybug Heaven!
Each guest had their own spot in the"garden"
Each guest received a lovely ladybug
She wore a ladybug outfit and ladybug wings!

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