Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Butterfly Costume

My daughter has a play at school about the Butterfly Life Cycle. She will be a butterfly! That is an easy costume, I thought!  We just need to buy butterfly wings! My daughter said the wings could not be on the back of the costume since she will be wrapped in a sheet to represent the cocoon. So I had to think ways to make the best butterfly costume without sewing! Not that I don't like sewing, I envy people that know how to sew! Maybe when my youngest chilld goes to school I can learn how to sew... another item to add to  my to-do list once my son goes to school! :)

This how it came out! What do you think? 
We choose to do the Blue Morpho Butterfly!

Material: blue silk fabric, blue glitter chiffon fabric, glue gun, liquid stitch, black sequin, black leotard, black skirt, black tights and iron-on butterfly.

Material for the hair piece: blue silk flowers, hot glue, hair clip and rhinestones.

To make the butterfly costume:

Cut the silk fabric in a wing shape

cut the glitter fabric in a square and glue it to the silk fabric.

Hot glue the black sequin to the wing.

Iron the butterfly to the leotard according to the instructions on the back of the package.

Use hot glue or the fabric glue to glue the wings to the leotard.

Done!!! It came out so cute!!

To make the hair piece:

Take the flower apart and layer them back together and secure them with a brad.

Hot glue a hair clip to the back.

  Hot glue the rhinestone to the center of the flower.

The final project!!


  1. Thank you for posting this. My daughter will be performing the same play I believe and will be the cocoon that turns to butterfly and I was not at all ready to make a costume! This site has helped me tremendously. THANK YOU!!!!!


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