Friday, March 18, 2011

Movie Night

Movie Night

I made the invitations with red construction paper and got the clip art from the internet. We put the invite inside a clear cellophane bag and added some popcorn. 
Red Carpet for the guests arrival
The entrance of the house was decorated as they were entering a Movie Premier night! Red carpet, bodyguard (my husband), limo photo booth and a lot of stars hanging from the ceiling. As they arrive, they received Tina's money to pay for the entrance and to by candy at the candy concession. They also received a green boa since the movie they were going to watch was Confession of a Shopaholic (if you watched before you understand the green boa part).

Photo booth - each girl took a picture upon arrival
The VIP area

The cake

At the VIP area, the girls had pizza, mini hot dogs, french fries and chicken nuggets. 
The cake was so easy to make! Made a regular rectangle cake and cut the sides to shape like a cup, iced the whole cake, added some sweet popcorn to the top and made red lines with twizzlers.
Movie Theater Concession Stand before the guests arrival
We made a little candy stand so the girls could "buy" their own candy with tina's dollars.

The Ticket Booth - the girls received Tina's Dollars to pay for their entrance and for the candy
The ticket Booth was decorated with a poster of the movie playing and some ticket signs hanging from the ceiling.
Tina's dollar
I found the template of one dollar in the web. I was able to add my daughter's picture to it! The girls loved it!!
Candy Shop
The candy was gone within minutes before the movie started!! After the movie, they had cake, made bracelets and played Wii dance!

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