Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leprechaun Trap

My second grader came home last week with the project of making the best ever Leprechaun Trap! After  hours of brain storming we came up with this cute trap!

The Leprechaun will be attracted to this trap since we displayed all his favorite things! Rainbow, since he knows that at the end of any rainbow he will find a pot of gold! A lot of clovers, an Irish flag(he loves the colors of the flag) and also we added a no Leprechaun allowed sign since they love to disobey! Once the leprechaun climbs the ladder, he will fall into the trap!

Once inside the trap, he will fall into a cushion chair and bounce out to enjoy some of his favorites: rice and tea! My daughter made sure to have a comfy bed for him to take a nap and she added some gold to make him happy!

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