Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome Spring Picnic

We had  a small picnic to celebrate Spring! The girls were on Spring Break last week and the weather was just gorgeous for a picnic!
 The picnic was very simple and layedback. For the backdrop, I used a wall accent on a foam board that I purchased from Hobby Lobby for $10. The Wall accent is now on my daughter's bedroom wall. ;) 
I also made a balloon banner to dress up the table. Balloons are an inexpensive way to bring colors to your party. For the cupcake toppers, I used scrapbook flowers that I found at Michael's for 50cents!!! Crazy, insane cheap right? I also found the plastic candy container with mini scoops at Michaels for 50 cents, too!!Don't you just love when you find a good bargain? ;)
I purchased the mini paper cupcake stands at the brand new and fabulous Petite Party Studio. What a cute store!! Love it!!
For snacks and treats, we had whole wheat turkey flower sandwiches, pigs in the blanket, chocolate covered strawberries, ants on a log(celery sticks with raisins), carrots, homemade red velvet cupcakes, M&Ms, chocolate kisses and cupcake pizzas. The kids played card games, climbed trees, blew bubbles, played in the playground, blew dandelions and also rested on the blankets.
 The picnic was a wonderful way to celebrate Spring! 
The girls really enjoyed spending the afternnon outside. One of my daughter's girlfriends said that the last time that she had a picnic was when she was four and that we need to do this more often! I couldn't agree more!!
I love when I can pull together a simple and affordable get together for my children and their friends!
Free spring/picnic labels from Sew Craft Create.


  1. o my gosh! This is sooooo adorable!!!!! You are too cute - wish I had all this fun stuff when I was a child :)

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

  2. Your Spring Picnic is delightful! I love the pretty colors and the tree with the birds, oh, and the cupcakes . . . I guess I just love everything about it. I have had your blog on my front page "blog list" for the three months that I've been blogging, and assumed that I was following, until today. I guess they are not one in the same thing. So today I am becoming a follower. I would like to invite you to visit my blog and hopefully you will decide to do the same. I am featuring a Spring Baby Shower at the present time and it looks like something you may like. I love you blog and all the enticing ideas that you share. Have an incredible weekend, your fan and follower, Connie :)

  3. Nothing like a fun picnic to celebrate spring weather! Your decor is just so sweet (and you're right, the scrapbooking aisle is a great source of darling little accents)!

  4. Lovely party Crissy! Just stumbled upon it on The Party Wagon. LOVE the dessert table backdrop!


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