Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July - last minute party

I wasn't going to do anything for the 4th but after going to Hobby Lobby in the morning to get some craft materials for the girls, I changed my mind after seeing all the 4th of July stuff on sale! 
Got the flags{4 for $1}, pinwheel{$1.70 each}, metal stars{$1.50 each}, ribbon{$1}, America sign{$4}, glitter stars{$1} and wood tag {$1.50} for 50% off!  I already had the fabric from Walmart. The plates are my outdoor set that I got last year at Target{50% off}. I love bargains!

I used plastic containers{Clorox Wipes container} filled with sand and rocks as vases for the flags and pinwheels. 

My beautiful girls! :) 
My son didn't want to leave the pool! Can you see him on the background? Ha!

Tomato Cocktail! :)

Made my famous salsa. It was so so HOT! 
Get the recipe HERE.

Summer Salad with lots of blueberries, strawberries, and  dried cranberries. All the fruits were on sale at my local supermarket! Paid 77 cents for a pint of strawberries!

My children are not too crazy for salads so I made a small berry treat! Got the little ice cream container  at Hobby Lobby{12 for $2.50}

It is not a party at our house if we don't do a craft! We made some cute visors. Visors and stickers were 50%off at Hobby Lobby{65 cents for each visor and $1.50 for the stickers}.

We all made some cool visors!

Had some fun in the pool!

Just Chillin' 

Can you see my son's happy face on the background of the first picture? He loves celery! :)

He loves the pinwheels!

Yummy! Traditional 4th of July food.

Not too sure about fireworks!! 

Watching the town fireworks.We were a little too far and it was cloudy but it was fun!
For someone that didn't want to do anything I think we did all right! And it was all pretty simple and affordable!
Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July as well!


  1. great 4th of july!! I need to head to wal-mart to get the 4th of july fabric on clearance. Though I can't we have a mandatory stay inside order..stop by and see why.

  2. Wow! This looks like an amazing party especially since you weren't planning on doing anything.


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