Monday, April 4, 2011

Slumber Party

For my daughter's 8th Birthday, we had a Slumber Party for 4 girls. They had fun doing their hair, nails, getting massages, making bath salts, decorate pillow cases to name a few of the activities!
It was a wonderful party and believe me when I say it that wasn't expensive at all! Ready for the details?
Here we go!


The invitation were made out of jumbo match box wrapped with different scrapbook papers and the pillow made out of small match box!  

Found the perfect PJ's at Justice.

The Bed
I want to make the table to look like a bed so we "made" the bed using sheets that I had found at Ross for $5!

The napkins and plates were from the dollar store and I made the cupcake topper. 
After they ate chicken nuggets, fries and pizza, they made their own sundaes.
Their candy cups were personalized and I used the fitted sheet that I got at Ross to cover the 4 chairs.
All of  the candy containers were from the Dollar Store.
The girls decorated their own pillow case and each girl signed the other girls pillow cases! The pillow cases were a dollar each at clearance at Walmarts.
My oldest daughter made a "Look Book" for the girls to choose from.
Christina was the one in charge of doing their hair and I did their nails while they were sitting at "massage chair" and a foot spa.
The girls decorated this picture frame and took it home with a group picture.
The goodie basket was full of treats like manicure/pedicure sets, nail polish, a pen and notebook, beads, a hair clip, candy and silly string. I bought everything at the dollar store. Cost:$4 each
I made a picture CD for the girls to take home. The CD case was made out of scrapbook paper andleft over fabric, I made the label using Publisher.


  1. This is one awesome party!!!! Everything look so pretty :)

  2. What a fun slumber party! I am sure everyone had a great time!

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  3. What a great party!! I'm a new follower and featuring you on my blog today.

  4. love the bed/table idea -- going to steal it :-). thanks!!!


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