Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nitey Nite baby doll!

Have you ever seen those little dolls at a toy store?  To me, it remindes me of my childhood in Brazil! I used to collect them! So needless to say that I was very happy to find them!! Back then, they used to come with their own little beds the size of a match box. They don't come with their own beds anymore, so I got creative and made their beds out of a large match box!

Jumbo match boxes, fabrics, ribbons, glue gun, cotton and silk flowers

Nitey Nite


  1. I had these when I was a kid too! I was able to find a store here that still sells them and gave them away as souvenirs for my daughter's dedication. And yeah, the new ones don't come with beds anymore.

  2. What a fun! Now my girls are the ones collecting them! Thanks for your commnet Janelle!!


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